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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Potential Games That NEED To Be Made.

Hello again to all of you lovely ladies and handsome gents! On today's post, I pose a question: What are some game ideas that aren't in development, that haven't been made official by any company, that YOU want to get made? Well, I have plenty. However, there are some that come to mind that I think "Holy dickshitting analbags, that's the best idea ever!" But at the same time, I think, "Yeeeeaaaah, that'll never happen."

But, I digress! Here are three of the potential game ideas that I think would be absolutely marvelous.

Super Smash Kart

Any fan of Nintendo would probably give an insta-yes to this one. Imagine it, combining the elements of a bunch of different racing games like Mario Kart, F-Zero and the Excite series, with an amazing cast of characters from Mario to Link to Samus and more... it could retain the all-terrain mechanics from Mario Kart 7 and allow you to race in water, on the road and in the air.

There's also potential for so many other racing options, like bikes and boards and special racing machinery. Just imagine Kirby, zipping by on his Warp Star, when suddenly Samus zaps him with her Starship's lasers. And before you know it, Andy (from Advance Wars) blasts Samus from his tank which has been upgraded to travel at high speeds. It's be crazy fun, way more fun than plain ol' Mario Kart.

Super Smash Kart could also pave the way for multiple guest characters! I know of a certain blue hedgehog that'd want in on the action... and he can leave his car in the garage this time. Seriously. Pac-Man could guest in this, much like he did in the Mario Kart arcade game. Capcom could offer the blue bomber, Mega Man, to ride in the Rush Driller or Beat Plane (if he hasn't died off by then, that is)... and tell me that Solid Snake racing in his signature cardboard box doesn't look hilarious in your mind. Go on. Imagine it.

The Heroines

Your princess is in another castle? Fuck that. Held captive by an evil wizard? To hell with that! Let the guys handle the heavy lifting? Not a chance. YOU get back in the kitchen and make your OWN damn sandwich, because these girls are fed. Up.

Imagine an action game starring your favorite video game girls, such as Princess Peach, Mei Ling and Chun-Li. Faced by a dastardly evil, the normal heroes of the story have suddenly disappeared, and the girls have taken it upon themselves to strap up and roll out. Holy hell, I think this would be amazing. I don't know what genre it'd work best in, but whenever I envision it, it always ends up looking like a 2D beat-em-up / sidescroller, or a third-person action game.

The female characters that everybody knows are often shown up and overlooked in favor of the mostly-male heroes. Well, I'm a dude, and even I think we need more kickass heroines (with a sprinkle of sex appeal. Wink.) A game like this that showcases the power and badassery of the girls that we all know would be an A+ in my book.

Revenge of the Forgotten 90s Mascots

Does anyone remember Croc?



... How about Bubsy? N... no? Anyone?

Maaan, there are so many video game characters I remember from the 90s that barely-- or never-- saw the light of day with the coming of the new millenium. And if they DID survive, chances are they were butchered horribly beyond redemption. (Excluding Sonic. He's not so bad anymore.)

The year is 2013. Don't you ever wonder whatever happened to those guys? I know if I was Crash Bandicoot, I'd be pissed as shit right about now. To hell with those game companies that just up and left us in the trash-- let's start a riot!

I know this game has no chance in hell of being made, but damn, what a thought. All of those obscure characters, like Gex and Alex Kidd and Plok, all coming back for one last collective jab at the video game industry. I can imagine plenty of parodies and references lying within the game, plenty of fuck yous to the more popular franchises (looking at you, Halo), as well as plenty of 90s throwbacks. I can imagine Bubsy getting flustered when he discovers that retailers don't sell PS1s anymore.

And those are three of my crazy video game ideas... what are some of the sequels and original ideas that YOU want made? Let me know in the comments.

Always your friend,
Zero Man

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